Father and son to meet for the first time in an Israeli jail

Tulkarem (QNN)- Finally, 18-year-old Rabi’a will have the chance to meet his father Muhammad Naifeh in Jalbu’a Israeli prison, after 17 years of forced separation.

For the son, Rabi’a, who is also arrested by the Israeli occupation forces, turning 18 is a special occasion that he has been waiting for since the moment when he was arrested. It means that he can move from the minors’ Israeli prison to the prison, in which his father serves and finally get the chance to meet him, which would be the only way to have a father-son time.

The Palestinian prisoners in Jalbu’a Israeli prison congratulated Muhammad Naifeh Abu Rabi’ah for his son’s 18th birthday on Sunday.

“In the beginning of this spring, my only son Rabi’a will celebrate his 18th birthday. I left him 17 years ago a little baby, then I will finally meet him in Jalbu’a prison as he turns 18… His love has been always living in my dreams and growing in my heart,” wrote Abu Rabi’a in a letter to his son.

Muhammad Naifeh was arrested in 2002, when his son was only one year old. He was sentenced to 14 life imprisonments and 55 years, while Rabi’a was arrested the last month and sentenced to 8 months in jail.

Israel arrests over 300 Palestinian children in special prisons. Recent witnesses by released children prove that they usually are subject to different assaults, which include beating and threats to harm family members.

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