Fatah: Peaceful resolution encouraged ‘Israel’ to increase illegal settlement

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Commenting on the Israeli decision to demolish the central vegetables market in Hebron and build an illegal settlement instead, member of the Fatah Central Committee, Abbas Zaki, told QNN that we need now to work within a new strategy and “do the same thing that the enemies did, when they tore down all agreements ignoring every body”.

During an interview with QNN, Zaki stated that the peaceful and negotiational resolution has encouraged the occupation state to increase settlement. He also confirmed that the intra-Palestinian divide has been hindering any chance to unite the position of Palestinians.

In the same context, the mayor of Hebron, Tyseer Abu Sneineh, confirmed that there will be popular and official action in response to the Israeli plans of settlement expansion in the city.

During an interview with QNN, Abu Sneineh called on all Palestinian factions to play their role in response to the Israeli settlement plans.

The occupation state has approved a new settlement that will be constructed on the site of the central vegetable market in Hebron, which in its turn will be bulldozed.

The Israeli new defense minister Nafatali Bennet announced his approval for a new Jewish illegal settlement in Hebron, where over 200,000 native Palestinians are being repressed and forced to live in an apartheid system to please about 800 Jewish European settlers, who live in the city.

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