Euro-Med Monitor: Israel’s judiciary is partner in murdering Gaza protesters

occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor described sentencing an Israeli soldier who killed an unarmed Palestinian teenager near the Gaza perimeter fence to a month of community service as “disproportionate with the criminal act of killing an unarmed child protester”.

“the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor finds the sentencing to be entirely disproportionate with the criminal act of killing an unarmed child protester, and may encourage other IDF soldiers to follow the lead of the incriminated sniper, knowing that the consequences are negligible and lenient.”

The group noted that the soldier was convicted most likely he shot the kid without permission from his commanders, in violation of Israeli rules of engagement, not because of the crime itself.

“Deviating from orders was likely the main reason for his indictment rather than the act of killing a non-violent protester.”

The group called on the Israeli judiciary to exercise greater scrutiny of such cases and strive to uphold the rule of law.

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