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Erdogan to Netanyahu, ” You are a tyrant who massacres children.”

(QNN) – The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked the Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, calling Netanyahu a “tyrant” and accusing him of “massacring children.”

“Hey Netanyahu, behave yourself. You are a tyrant, you are a tyrant who massacred seven-year-old Palestinian children,” Erdogan said during a rally in Ankara’s Pursaklar district on Wednesday after Netanyahu called Erdogan a “dictator”.

Erdogan accused Netanyahu of intentionally targeting him to promote himself for the upcoming elections. “We will continue our fight for the rights of the Palestinian people and administration of Jerusalem in line with the weight it carries for the Muslim world to the last breath,” Erdogan added, referring to the recent clashes at al-Aqsa Mosque.

Continuing the public, formal clash, Netanyahu responded to the Turkish President’s comments on his Twitter account: “Erdogan, the dictator who sends tens of thousands of political opponents to prison, commits genocide against the Kurds, and occupies Northern Cyprus, preaches to me, to Israel, and to the Israel Defense Forces, about democracy and the ethics of war. A joke.”

The latest exchange came after Netanyahu had called “Israel” the nation-state of “the Jewish people” only, not all its citizens. That prompted Turkey on Tuesday to accuse the Israeli PM of “blatant racism”.

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