Egyptian proposal to disarm Palestinian resistance to lift Gaza siege

Gaza (QNN) – A new Egyptian proposal to Gaza Strip suggests disarming the Palestinian resistance in the besieged enclave to end the siege, according to “Israel Today.”

The Israeli newspaper “Israel Today” said that Egyptian sources informed that Egypt and “Israel” will lift the 13-year-long siege completely and facilitate humanitarian and economic projects in the Strip if the Palestinian resistance agrees to being disarmed.

Internal affairs in Gaza will be run by the Palestinian factions, headed by Hamas movement, as suggested in the proposal.

The national security in Gaza will mainly depend on Hamas security forces, who will be allowed to own highly surveilled small arms.

“Israel Today” that the Israeli-Egyptian siege on Gaza will be lift if the Palestinian resistance is disarmed; “Israel” will then allow economic, educational and humanitarian projects in the coastal enclave, funded by the UN and Arab countries.

The proposal also suggests, according to the newspaper, constructing a waterway allowing the import and export of goods to and from Gaza.

The main obstacle to the proposal is Hamas, the newspaper added. Hamas movement and the Palestinian resistance refuse to be disarmed. While, on the other hand, the Palestinian Authority will only accept the proposal’s suggestion if the PA takes control of Gaza institutions.

“Israel Today” stated that a copy of the proposal was sent to the US.

The newspaper quoted an Egyptian official saying that Arab countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are planned to join the project after the Israeli elections due in April 2019.

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