Disabled wounded prisoner to go on hunger strike

Hebron (QNN)- The Palestinian wounded and disabled prisoner, Mutaz Abido, from Hebron has declared a hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention.

The administration of Negev Israeli prison moved abido from the prison infirmary to the cells after he declared hunger strike, according to a statement by the Prisoners society club on Tuesday.

Abido suffers from a wound he had in 2011, which caused him severe damage in his intestines and nerves, in addition to paralysis in his left leg and weakness in his right one, which led him to stay at Ramleh prison infirmary for three years.

The prisoner depends now on the other prisoners to help him, as he can’t control his arms and legs, while the Prison administration only gives him pain killers.

Abido served a total of eight years in the Israeli prisons, however his administrative detention was extended this month.

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