Della Miles denounces Trump’s Golan Heights decision

(QNN) – American singer and songwriter Della Miles denounced Donald Trump’s announcement of the Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights.

“Who knows how many innocent Palestinians children will break from their parents only becouse of this embarrassing and unfair American decision,” Miles wrote on her Instagram account.

“The only and true owner of the Golan hills is no doubt Allah…. Allah is with you Palestine…My heart beats with you Palestine,” she added.

U.S. president Donald Trump on Monday officially recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967, in a move hailed as “historic” by Israel’s prime minister.

Trump’s decision, first announced last week, reverses decades of American policy and is starkly at odds with international law. But it is a valuable political gift to Netanyahu a few weeks before he faces voters in a closely fought election.

This move sparked denouncements from various internationals, such as the Turky, Syria, the UN, and Russia.

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