Danger on Amarneh’s health increased after losing left eye

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Journalists, who accompany Muath Amarneh, stated that their colleague is facing a critical situation because a bullet shrapnel is located near brain tissues.

Journalist Ahmad Bedeiri said that Muath’s mother in addition to journalists and activists sty with him at Hadassah hospital, which keeps his spirits up.

He also stated that although his health is perfect in general, there is a real danger still out there. A piece of bullet shrapnel is located near Amarneh’s brain tissues, which increased concerns of causing brain hemorrhage in case the doctors remove it.

The doctors assured that they are making further check-ups to find a way through which they can remove the shrapnel without causing any harm.

Bedeiri stated that Amarneh is very glad to head about the international solidarity campaign with him and with the journalists in Palestine. Amarneh stressed that it is not only about him, but also about all journalists and activists in Palestine.

Bdeiri stated that Amarneh was sniped although he was wearing press helmet and vest and hiding from the soldiers.

Journalist Muath Amarneh was sniped in his left eye on Friday while he was covering confrontations in Hebron.

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