Coronavirus cases in West Bank reach 52 amid concern over prisoners’ lives

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The spokesman for the Palestinian government stated that the government will take a new series of preventive measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The spokesman Ibrahim Melhem confirmed four new cases; three of them are students in Ramallah while the fourth is for a doctor in Hebron, who works in the Israeli Hadasah hospital.

Melhem added that the total cases have reached 52, including 17 cases that were cured.

He also revealed that the measures taken by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) indicate that something is going on inside the jails and that the lives of Palestinian prisoners are in danger. He held the occupation state responsible for their safety.

“We are not sure about the situation there but we urge the International Red Cross and WHO to provide us with information about the situation inside Israeli jails”, Melhem said.

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