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Common interests between Facebook and Israel sharpen targeting of Palestinian content

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Facebook social media platform continues crackdown on the Palestinian content. Facebook’s administration has recently increased violations against the Palestinian content.

Hundreds of activists and journalists have been recently subjected to unjustifiable penalties by the website, which has been showing blatant bias against Palestinians.

The social media platform has worked hard to remove every post on the martyr Ahmad Naser Jarrar. Activists are worried that Facebook is targeting the Palestinian narrative.

Meanwhile, Facebook overlooks thousands of comments and posts by Israeli pages and accounts, which clearly incite hatred and even call for physical harm against Palestinians.

Facebook did not only attack Palestinian content, it also created an algorithm, through which it can remove huge numbers of Palestinian posts, which include specific terms regardless of the context.

Sada Social Center, a group specialized in monitoring violations against the Palestinian content on social media, said that Facebook has been blocking posts, photos, and live videos of dozens of activists. The center revealed that Facebook created an algorithm, which immediately removes any posts that contains any of the terms “Hamas, Jihad, martyr, Qassam, Saraya”, in addition to other words.

A recent report by Impact International has revealed that the occupation state has been using its connections at Facebook to fight the Palestinian content on social media.

The institution linked anti-Palestine measures, taken by Facebook, to commercial interests with the occupation state.

Many mutual visits between officials in the occupation state and Facebook took place to “fight incitement” as they claim. However, what happened was imposing strict restrictions on Palestinian users and the Palestinian content, and at the same time, unleash incitement and anti-Palestine propaganda.

Last years, the Israeli Ministry of justice revealed that Facebook accepted nearly 85% of Israeli requests to remove Palestinian content.

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