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Chinese ambassador to ‘Israel’ found dead at home in Tel Aviv

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- China’s Ambassador to the occupation state, Du Wei, has been found dead in his apartment in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

No cause of death was given, and Israeli police said it had opened an investigation.

Media reports said according to an initial assessment, Du appears to have died of a cardiac arrest, but there was no official confirmation.

Israeli Channel 12 TV, quoting unnamed medical sources, said initial indications were that Du had died in his sleep of natural causes.

Du, 57, was only appointed ambassador in February having previously served as envoy to Ukraine.

When he arrived in the occupation state on 15 February, Du had immediately to self-isolate for two weeks because of coronavirus restrictions.

On Friday, his embassy made a scathing attack on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had criticised China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on a visit to the occupation state.

In a response published in the Jerusalem Post, the embassy condemned Pompeo’s “absurd comments”, denying that China had ever covered up the crisis.

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