Children prisoners talk to an NGO about their suffering in Israeli jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Committee of Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners said on Sunday that it has documented testimonies by Palestinian children prisoners, who were beaten by Israeli soldiers during their arrest.

The report comes after a visit by the NGO’s lawyer to several children held in the Damon and Megiddo Israeli jails.

Mu’tasem Anwar Sheikha (17 years old), from Shufat refugee camp in occupied Jerusalem, said that a group of Israeli undercover soldiers arrested him while he was passing in a street in the camp. They took him to the Maskubiyyeh interrogation center, where he was detained for 30 days. He was brutally beaten after being put in a cell that has no surveillance cameras.

Abdel Mun’em Natsheh (17 years old) and Usama Taha (16 years old), from Shu’fat refugee camp as well, said that Israeli soldiers arrested and handcuffed them before sending them to be interrogated at an interrogation center for four hours. They were sent to the Maskubiyyeh interrogation center after that, where they were beaten and humiliated.

Natsheh added that he was beaten by members of the Nahshon unit several times while he was transferred to attend court sessions. In one incident, he was beaten only because he spoke with his mother, who was at the court to see her child.

Taha stated that the Nahshon unit used canines against him while he was being sent to court.

Abdurrahman Abu Lela (17 years old) said that Israeli soldiers in civilian clothes arrested him from his work in Acre. They sent him to Petah Tikva interrogation center, where he was held for ten days in solitary confinement and was interrogated with his hands cuffed.

Aws Raed Rasheed (16 years old) from Jenin said that Israeli soldiers arrested him from his house after breaking the house’s doors and breaking into his room while he was asleep. He woke up to find their rifles pointed at him. When his mother started crying and yelling they responded beating him in front of her. Aws was held handcuffed and blindfolded at the Jalameh checkpoint for ten hours.

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