Child hopes to get the “unique chance” of reuniting with his father in jail

Bethlehem (QNN)- While on his way to school, Mahmoud Moghrabi (17 years old) was arrested by Israeli soldiers, who deliberately and brutally beat his head.

The Israeli army arrested Mahmoud on November 12, 2019, while he was on his way to school in Bethlehem.

His mother, Hanadi, told QNN that “the soldiers repeatedly beat him in his head during his arrest. They also attacked him again inside the military Jeep, while they were taking him for interrogation before sending him to Ofer jail.”

“The occupation [army] sent Mahmoud along with other children prisoners a couple of days ago from Ofer to Damon jail. They are being held in very harsh conditions and they lack the very basic needs”, she said.

She added that “I saw Mahmoud today in the court but he could not tell me about their exact conditions since the jailers prevented him from talking to his family.”

Mahmoud’s father, Ahmad, was arrested in 2002 and has been serving 18-life imprisonment sentences. He was put in solitary confinement in several incidents.

“He requested to visit his father, who is jailed in Nafha jail, but the IPS has not replied to his request yet”, Hanadi told QNN.

“Mahmoud, who was born after his father was arrested, only knew his father by the few jail visits he had and through our stories about him”, she added.

“In only a handful of visits, Mahmoud had the chance to visit and see his father”.

Ahmad Moghrabi had two daughters while in jail through smugged sperm.

Hanadi was also arrested and interrogated in 2016 for over 21 days, “which was a unique chance to meet my husband”, she said.

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