Campaign to raise Palestine flag over houses to mark Land Day

The campaign comes amid coronavirus crisis and curfew throughout the Palestinian territories

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestinians are gearing up to mark the 44th anniversary of Land Day on Monday amid the coronavirus crisis.

Palestinian activists called for a campaign to raise the Palestinian national flag over the houses throughout the cities of occupied Palestine and refugee camps outside.

The spokesman for the campaign, Abdel Kareem Kalhout, told QNN that “the campaign comes to mark the 44th anniversary of the Land Day amid the spread of the COVID-19 virus” and the cancelation of all activities on the ground.

Kalhout added that the main goat of the campaign is to mark the day, which has a symbolic value for the Palestinian nation.

He said that other events will be organized during the day using the hashtag #RaiseYourFlag. He also called for wide participation.

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