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Campaign to give Facebook app negative ratings due to its bias against Palestinian content

Ramallah (QNN)- Pro-Palestine activists started a new campaign against Facebook app, protesting against the website’s bias against the Palestinian content and closure of several Palestinian pages and accounts without providing an explanation.

Activists called for giving Facebook app negative ratings in the App Store and Play Store, which led to a sharp decrease in the app’s ratings to less than 1.9 in comparison with 3.8 before the campaign.

The campaign is still in its beginning, while thousands of pro-Palestine activists are joining it.

Sada Social said the ratings of the app in Palestine decreased after starting the campaign due to the platform’s policies against the Palestinian content.

Large pages with thousands of followers, like Mish Hek, called their followers to take part in the campaign to show their rejection of Facebook’s policies against the Palestinian cause.

The social media giant had recently removed thousands of accounts and pages of Palestinian activists, journalists, and even News agencies, claiming that they violated its policies.

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  1. Fb has systematically supporting israel policy of occupying Palestine land. And hiding his crime by deleting Israelites crime videos and pics that have circulating on fb.. for long time…

  2. Fb is meant to let the users post information and videos, deleting peoples post for no reason and no explanation is a violation to individuals free speech.

    In the past fb have been known to violate peoples privacy.promote propaganda

  3. If is not oblique fb from committing accords with USA government, is a good question. But if are not accords is unjustified. That means existing committing accords and is against everyone right to get information and multiple opinions concerning the top importance(for all of us),the reasons of stagnation to conflict Israel versus Palestine and neighbours states. Israel disobedience to accords , to @UN ,to Resolution 2016 of Security Council – to stop settlements builtings ..

  4. Facebook has become an arm of Israel foreign ministry censoring any legitimate criticism of Israel.

  5. Facebook always discriminated against Palestinians and was pro zionists I have many times commented on pages and like pages to find out days later that the pages or likes and comments are gone removed erased deleted ???
    They never were contradicting with Facebook announced policies

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