Campaign by illegal settlers to prevent establishing Palestinian state

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- “Regevim” terrorist organization has started a large-scale media campaign to push the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, to annex all of the West Bank’s ‘C’ areas and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The terrorist organization aims to evict Palestinian citizens from their lands and establish settlement outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The organization called on Netanyahu to “go down in history and to be one of the greatest Zionist leaders” by annexing the West Bank and preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state. Otherwise, he will be considered a “traitor” just like the former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, who dismantled Gaza’s illegal settlements.

Trump’s plan allows the occupation state to annex over 30% of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley while locking native Palestinians in Bantustans controlled by the Israeli army.

Netanyahu had announced that the occupation state will never recognize a Palestinian state not allow native Palestinians to have Israeli citizenship. However, they will live under Israeli occupation as second-level stateless citizens.

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