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Brother of Palestinian political prisoner in US jail says his brother’s life is in danger

Seagoville,TX (QNN)- Maher Mishal, the brother of a Palestinian political prisoner in US jails, Mufid Mishal, has confirmed that his brother’s health is significantly deteriorating after being infected with coronavirus at Seagoville prison in Texas.

Maher Mishal noted that all charges against his brother are purely political, pointing out that his brother’s attorney is trying to save Mufid’s life, resorting to a legal provision in the United States Constitution that allows the release of persons who have served half their sentence and over 60 years old, stressing that all these conditions apply to his brother.

He also reported that the health condition of his brother, as well as other prisoners, is dire in light of the prison administration’s negligence and lack of medical care. He pointed out that Los Angeles state released more than 8,000 detainees, part of whom were infected with Covid-19. Wondering about the reason Why his brother and other political prisoners have not been treated likewise.

The family of Mufid Mishal had said Mishal, as well as other prisoners in Seagoville jail in Texas, who tested positive for the virus, are subjected to inhumane treatment after they tested positive for the virus. The prisoners were infected through one of the jailers.

Several human rights watchdogs (The London-based Arab Organization for Human Rights, The International Organization for Human Rights, and The Arab Lawyers Association) had called on the American authorities to immediately realize and provide medical care for Mishal.

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