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British Muslims fear Islamophobia after Boris Johnson wins election

United Kingdom (QNN)- British Muslims have said they fear for their future under Boris Johnson‘s Conservative Party, following its win in the general election.

Harun Khan, of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), said on Friday morning: “Mr Johnson commands a majority, but there is a palpable sense of fear amongst Muslim communities around the country. We entered the election campaign period with long standing concerns about bigotry in our politics and our governing party. Now we worry that Islamophobia is ‘oven-ready’ for government.

“We understand that the prime minister insists that he is a one-nation Tory. We earnestly hope that is the case and urge him to lead from the centre and engage with all communities.”

Many Muslims have already started the process of leaving the UK over fears for their personal safety, according to

Among those, who decided to leave in fear of anticipated Islamophobic violence, the head of a Muslim charity, which provides food parcels for poor people in Manchester, after saying he was scared for the ‘future of his children’.

Manzoor Ali, who runs the Barakah Food Aid charity in Greater Manchester, said that his family have given him their blessing to move to a place that would be safe and secure for them.

“My charity has been going on for 10 years, we’ve helped people from all walks of life, including former soldiers and white working class English people”, Ali told

“But I’m scared for my personal safety, I worry about my children’s future.”

Muslims’ fears come after Johnson was accused of Islamophobia and racism following a number of controversial comments he made in the past, including his remarks in a 2005 Spectator article in which he claimed it was only ‘natural’ for the public to be scared of Islam.

Johnson had also compared Muslim women to ‘letterboxes and bank robbers’ in a column for the Telegraph last year.

Meanwhile, Baroness Warsi, a former Tory co-chair and cabinet minister, said the party “must start healing its relationship with British Muslims”.

In a tweet, she added: “Endorsements from #TommyRobinson & #KatieHopkins & colleagues retweeting both is deeply disturbing. Independent Inquiry into #Islamophobia is a must first step. The battle to root out racism must now intensify”.

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