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Breaking| Phones of at least 9 US State Department employees hacked with Israeli sophisticated spyware

Washington (QNN)- Devices of at least nine US State Department employees were hacked using sophisticated spyware developed by the Israel-based NSO Group, according to a new Reuters report.

Reuters cited four people familiar with the matter as saying that the hacks took place in the last several months. They targeted devices of US officials, who are either based in Uganda or focused on matters concerning it.

The victims were notified by Apple Inc., according to Reuters.

In a statement, NSO Group denied the report and said it hasn’t received any information or phone numbers indicating that the company’s tools were used in the attacks.

In November, the US added NSO Group to a list of entities banned from receiving exports from American companies, citing its role in developing and supplying spyware and hacking tools.

Two weeks ago, Apple Inc said it has filed a lawsuit against Israel’s cyber firm NSO Group and its parent company OSY Technologies for the surveillance and targeting of Apple users with its Pegasus spyware.

The complaint provided new information on how the Israeli firm infected victims’ devices with its spyware.

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