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Because of their country’s support for Palestine.. ‘Israel’ bars entry of Malaysian officials to Ramallah

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state of Israel prevented officials from Malaysia from entering Ramallah in light of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s pledge to open an embassy to Palestine in Amman.

The Israeli Foreign Minister and Israeli media described Muhamad’s pledge and statements supporting Palestinians’ rights and criticizing Israel’s crimes as “antisemitic”. He also claimed that Malaysia’s position “does not allow for any possibility of a Malaysian foothold in Israeli territory”, despite the fact that the officials were to visit the West Bank, which is not an Israeli territory according to the international law.

The 94-year-old Malaysian Prime Minister said last year that the problems in the Middle East started when ‘Israel’ was created. He also stated that “Antisemitism” is a term, which is being weaponized to prevent criticizing ‘Israel’s’ wrong acts.

He also called on all Muslims in the world to stand together against ‘Israel’.

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