BDS calls to boycott Nas Daily over efforts to promote normalization

Ramallah (QNN)- The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Palestine called on content creators and influencers in the Arabic region to boycott Nas Daily for its efforts to drag content creators to normalization and cover up Israeli crimes.

The movement said the program adopts projects that aim at promoting the colonization of Arabs’ minds and the Israeli colonization as a de facto status, and whitewashing Israeli crimes and apartheid against the Palestinian people.

“While authoritarian Arabic regimes, such like those in the UAE and Bahrain, race to have normalization deals with the Israeli enemy, the later is trying to hack the consciousness of the Arab peoples, which believe that its freedom, development, and struggle for justice are linked to the freedom of the Palestinian people and the right of return”, the movement said.

“Israel is allocating enormous sums of money for misleading normalization media campaigns that present non-political content, which shows Israel as a normal developed country that may help its Arab neighbors, ignoring all its crimes against the Palestinian people and the Arabs and the historic hostility with it as a colonization and racist regime.”

The movement added that Nas Daily aims at training eight content creators in its academy, which is headed by an Israeli settler and funded by an Emarati company that was founded only two months ago.

The movement noted that Nas Daily has been trying to show the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a conflict between two powers of equal weight, ignoring the rights of the indigenous Palestinian people and the right of return and blaming Palestinians for not accepting “peace” as ‘Israel’ and the US present it.

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  1. What exact crimes are you referring too? Also, by saying indigenous, are you trying to imply the hundreds of thousands Jews who have always lived in the land of Israel. It’s also hilarious how you try to claim that Israel is the one who colonized the area, even though its the Arab Muslims colonized the Levant in the 600’s and have been an actual abusive colonizing power ever since their inception.

    Israel is not the enemy of the Arabs, and by constantly lying about that, you only make the situation unnecessarily more violent and divisive.

  2. Just because he is Israeli by citizenship, Arab in origin and successful, doesn’t mean we need to put him down… Where and which videos are seen as promoting for Israel or attacking Palestine? Name one!?
    This looks like being blindly judgmental and biased against him.. i find him very entertaining, inspiring and helpful. He surely adds positivity to the world who see him.

  3. Totally agree with Chris Simonian. People try to find a something to blame to ruin someone if he become successful using politics and religion ethnicity and national feelings to cover own jealousy

  4. Nas is proud to be Arab and Muslim and he emphasis this fact in every related video. He explains the idea of Ramadan and kindness and hospitality of Arab people’s.
    Shame on you, complainers.

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