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BDS activist appears after 20 days of forced disappearance in Egypt

Cairo (QNN)- The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Egypt said today that activist Muhammad Jaber Masri, who has been forcibly disappeared for 20 days, appeared among dozens of journalists and political activists before the Egyptian Public Prosecutor, who accused him of publishing false News.

Masri was kidnapped from his workplace following anti-regime protests last month. He was forcibly hidden in violation of the Egyptian and international laws.

The BDS movement in Egypt called on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Masri and drop all the groundless charges, which were fabricated for him.

“We hold the Ministry of Interior responsible for the safety of Muhammad Masri, who has been defending the Palestinian cause and his beliefs with all his might”.

Masri is the second BDS activist to be arrested by the Sisi regime. In last June, the Egyptian authorities kidnapped Rami Shaath, BDS coordinator, from his house in Cairo without any legal document or charges.

Shaath’s wife, French national, was deported from the country while the authorities continue to hold Shaath without any charges.

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