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Bahrainis’ rejection of normalization sweeps social media

Manama (QNN)- Bahrainis’s rejection of their regime’s normalization deal with the occupation state trended on Friday following Trump’s announcement.

Bahrainis doubled on their firm position towards Palestine and supporting its people against the Israeli occupation. They also stressed that they reject the move of their king and that their regime does not represent them.

On Twitter, many Bahrainis slammed the royal family of the country reiterating their position, standing with the Palestinian people in their just cause, and calling on the regime to reverse its decision.

The hashtag #بحرينيون_ضد_التطبيع (#Bahrainis_against_normalization) trended on Twitter in a few hours after Trump’s announcement.

Fatema Othman posted a photo of Muhammad Ad Durrah, who was murdered by the Israeli army in cold blood while in his father’s arms and wrote “we will never forget #Bahrainis_against_normalization”.

Another account stressed: “We will remain against normalization whatever happens”.

Sara posted pictures of Israeli soldiers committing crimes against Palestinians and wrote: “We [will] have no peace with those terrorists”.

Another Bahraini wrote verses of a famous poem by Amal Dumqul, warning of normalization with the Israeli enemy. The poem was written after the Egyptian normalization deal with the occupation state and predicted a dark future for Arabs if they accept the occupiers.

This Bahraini girl expressed her disappointment of the normalization deal.

Azhar Nooh said it’s a shame that will chase the Bahrainis for the rest of their lives.

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