Attacked by police dogs.. Ziad Shalaldeh suffers from Israeli torture

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner Ziad Shalaldeh (44 years old) suffers from signs of torture he was subject to during his arrest in 8th January, 2019.

The Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club quoted the lawyer of Shalaldeh, who visited him in Ofer prison, that he suffers from serious injury in his right ribs in addition to a broken nose and pain in different parts of his body.

Israeli soldiers have tortured Shalaldeh and his son Mahmoud during his arrest, which took place in his residence place in Kobar, Ramallah.

Shalaldeh said that the Israeli soldiers attacked the tents, in which he lives with his family, and they released police dogs to attack his family.

The soldiers also arrested him and his son and took them both to a military Jeep. They drove for one kilometer then stopped the Jeep for further more soldiers to get in, who started to beat them with their rifles.

Shalaldeh had serious injury in his right ribs and his nose was broken, so he lost consciousness. He was taken after that to Tsha’ari Tsedek hospital, where he stayed for three days and had a surgery for his nose before being taken to Al Maskubiyyeh investigation center.

In the same vein, the prisoners Musa Qbaitat from Ramallah and Omar Zayed from Qalandya refugee camp said that they were assaulted and beaten with rifles by Israeli soldiers during their arrest.

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