Arab youths launch campaign to turn LAS headquarter into wedding hall

Cairo (QNN)- Arab youths sarcastically started an online campaign, demanding to turn the headquarter of the League of Arab States (LAS) into a wedding hall following the league’s failure to condemn the Emirati normalization deal with the occupation state on Wednesday.

The political satire started only 48 hours after the league’s disappointing decision. The activists said they prefer to turn the building into a wedding hall because it is useless as headquarter for the Arab league.

The description on the page of the Facebook event, as well as the Avaaz campaign, read: “It’s time to fully use the building of the so-called ‘League of Arab States’ in Cairo for the good of the public.”

“Because it does nothing now and because it would be better not to keep it this way, I [the host of the event] decided to start a popular online campaign in order to turn it into a wedding hall where we celebrate the happiness of couples instead of watching the happiness of those who are gloating”.[0]=AZVWOoEkplDoof7eAqIHMOtmeptDLawsI_wlQwEi3QNtAtJIUjyDrAVF0EueS_Icf25II2yPVHvj8_CXrWaXG0XbYDCJK9zyMOaiGveDms9_7rYHWQpAU1lsZJGa7tqV4-Y&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

The campaign, which was started by Muhammad A’mas, has been approved by over 100,000 users on Facebook in 48 hours and nearly 2000 others on Avaaz in less than a day.

Ahmad Abdel Jawad said the league was basically founded upon q suggestion by the British Foreign Secretary Antony Eden in order to repress Arabs and fulfill the interests of the colonial countries.

Ahmad Thani said that turning the headquarter of the Arab League into a wedding hall is a popular demand

Dalal Iriqat wondered: after abandoning the Palestinian cause, what’s left for the Arab League?

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