Another Palestinian prisoner facing death due to Israel’s medical negligence policy

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The prisoner Muwaffaq Arouq (77 years old) is in a very critical condition after resecting his stomach and most of his bowel, according to the Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners’ Affairs.

The committee added that Arouq suffers from severe pain and fever. He lost a lot of weight and he can’t eat or drink. He feeds through a feeding tube inserted into his abdomen.

The committee warned of the Israeli frequent transfers of Arouq between Barzilai hospital and the Ramleh jail clinic, which increase his pains the threat to his life.

The committee added that doctors discovered that Arouq had cancer last July but the Israeli Prison Service kept delaying any medical treatment until November, which worsened his condition.

Arouq, from Yafa an-Naseriyye, has been detained since 2003. He has been serving a jail sentence of 30 years for picking up two Palestinian men, who turned out to be wanted by the occupation state.

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