“And now on Israel”: Turkish actress faces backlash over poster of drama series

Ankara (QN)- Turkish actress and beauty pageant runner-up, Cansu Dere, has been facing a strong backlash by hundreds of pro-Palestine advocates after posting a poster of a drama series which she plays a main role in, on her official Instagram page and saying it is now broadcasted in ‘Israel’.

Hundreds of Palestinian human rights defenders have slammed the Turkish actress when she posted a poster of the Turkish drama and psychological thriller television series, Sadakatsiz, in which she plays the main role, on her official Instagram account.

In the caption to the post, the actress wrote to her 2.3 million followers “And now on Israel,” referring that the series is now broadcasted in ‘Israel’.

The Palestinian human rights defenders, among them dozens of her fans, took to Instagram to slam her, saying there are “disappointed” that a great actress like her recognizes an occupation state.

Her pro-Palestine fans also said they will unfollow her as long as she recognizes the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

“It’s called Palestine. Israel is an occupying power,” one of her followers commented.

Another one wrote, “What a sad thing, a woman who plays the role of strong woman and fights for women’s rights, recognizes and promotes a state that tortures women and children. Be a little human and know that choosing the unjust party means your acceptance to the people’ torture.. Palestine will remain forever.”

Saying she will unfollow her, another user responded, “Go and educate yourself about the situation in Palestine.”

The pro-Palestine advocates have also flooded the comments on her post with the flags of Palestine as a sign of affirmation of their objection to the actress’s recognition of ‘Israel’.

The pro-Palestine advocates noted in their comments that Israel’s decades-old regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid desperately needs such propaganda series to art-wash its egregious crimes against the Palestinian people.

They said that ‘Israel’ exploits such propaganda to project itself as a melting pot of cultures, religions and social backgrounds, rather than as an apartheid and colonial regime that has more than 65 racist laws discriminating against its indigenous Palestinian citizens.

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