An inciting post against Palestinians every 66 seconds

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The index of racism and incitement in Israeli social media 2018, published by 7amleh- The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, revealed an increase in racist and inciting posts against Palestinians in Israeli social media networks

“Legislation about the Nation-State Law was the main engine of racism for hate speech via Facebook. Palestinian politicians and Palestinians Citizens of Israel are most vulnerable to incitement,” the report revealed. Most racist posts were directed at Palestinian members of the Knesset during discussions on the Nation-State law, which gives rights to only Jewish citizens.

The report confirmed that an inciting post was published every 66 seconds in 2018,and
there were a total of 474,250 posts that call for violence, racial profiling and insults against Palestinians in the same year. 1 out of 10 each posts about Arabs contains an insult or an invitation to violence against Palestinians.

“Facebook remains the main platform for violence and incitement (66%), with right-wing news pages supporting violent, racist activism online,” revealed the report. “There is also a high level of violent rhetoric via Twitter due to the political nature of the platform (16%), which doubled from last year (7%),” it added.

Facebook has been censoring the Palestinian content and removing pro-Palestine pages and posts while at the same time allowing Israeli incitement posts after an agreement with the Israeli government.

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