Al Qassam spokesperson: Israeli prisoners will get reciprocal treatment

Gaza (QNN)- Spokesperson of the Hamas military wing Abu Ubaida said in a statement on Tuesday that the Palestinian resistance “is seriously concerned, through actions not words, with the Palestinian prisoners, and that they put their issue above all else”.

“To the occupation state, we say that the treatment, which Shalit received from the resistance before, and which the Israelis know well how it was, will not be repeated with their prisoners now as long as the Israelis continue to victimize the [Palestinian] prisoners and their families”, Abu Ubaida said in a tweet on Telegram.

“Considering the suffering, which our hero prisoners face by the occupiers, Al Qassam leadership ordered the Shadow Unit to put pressure on the enemy’s prisoners on the principle of reciprocity and in order to support our hero prisoners.”

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails have started on Tuesday an open hunger strike, demanding basic rights. Israeli administration confronted those demands with repression and torture, causing dozens to be injured.

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