Ahmad Manasrah.. When your enemy doesn’t understand nobility

Bethlehem (QNN)- Local sources revealed to QNN that Ahmad Manasrah, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on Al Nashash checkpoint in Bethlehem, was there to evacuate a woman and her child after evacuating the injured father.

The story begins when Alaa Ghayatha reaches Al Nashash checkpoint with his wife and daughter to be shot by Israeli occupation soldiers with explosive bullets in his abdomen.

Ahmad Manasrah was in his car behind Alaa, waiting in the row for his turn to get access as usual. When he heard the shooting he rushed with other young men to help Alaa and evacuate him to the nearest hospital.

Our sources confirm that Alaa did not care about his injury while he was being evacuated as much as he cared about his wife and daughter, who were left on the checkpoint. A video footage shows Ahmad Manasrah riding a Jeep and reaching the hospital with the injured man.

Video footage also shows Manasrah worried and making phone calls, asking a man close to him about the time needed to reach the checkpoint. “10 Minutes”, the man answers. “No, I promised the guy to reach his wife and daughter and bring them, and I will!”, Manasrah replies.

Manasrah appears again in a video footage hastily cleaning his car of blood then driving back to Al Nashash checkpoint to keep his promise.

When Manasrah reached the checkpoint an Israeli soldier opened fire at him and killed him.

“Your manners will make you appeal to people’s hearts even if they do not know you”, you will find this sentence on Ahmad’s Facebook profile.. a sentence for which he paid his life.

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