Again.. ‘Israel’ bombards resistance targets in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli warplanes bombarded several locations affiliated with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, on Thursday night.

A statement by the Israeli army said that its jets have targeted military locations affiliated with the Palestinian resistance in northern and southern Gaza. It claimed that the strikes came as “a response to a missile fired from Gaza to the occupied land earlier on Thursday”.

In the same vein, local sources said that Israeli drones have targeted a military site in Beit Lahya, while Israeli warplanes targeted another site in western Khan Younes in the South.

Israeli jets struck an agricultural land in eastern Rafah as well. no casualties were reported.

Since the latest Israeli escalation on Gaza last November, the occupation state has been repeatedly violating the ceasefire, which it made with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. ‘Israel’ has struck the besieged enclave several times and opened fire at fishermen and bird hunters, causing casualties in many cases.

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