After torture session.. Israeli jail doctor treats bleeding imprisoned child by measuring his blood pressure

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Palestinian child Mahmoud Thawabteh (17 years old) told the Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs about the horrible conditions that he has been living after he was arrested from his house in Beit Fajjar in eastern Bethlehem.

Thawabteh told a lawyer from the committee that the Israeli army arrested him after breaking into his house in the early morning. He was interrogated then taken outside, where the Israelis unleashed canines that attacked him and bit his leg.

He added that he was brutally beaten after he was put inside the Israeli military Jeep. “They beat me up on my head and back using their rifles and sticks”, the child said.

The Israelis took Thawabteh to Etzion interrogation centre. Before the interrogation, he was sent to a doctor, who only measured his blood pressure and did not do anything to treat his bleeding body, which was full of bruises and bites marks.

Thawabteh remained inside Etzion jail for three days, during which he was interrogated, assaulted, and beaten several times. After that, he was sent to Ofer military jail.

On last January 13th, Thawabteh was among other 34 children, who were sent from Ofer to Damon jails.

He said that they were sent to an abandoned section, which is infested with insects. They have been living in very harsh and unsafe conditions and the Israelis refuse to provide their basic needs.

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