A closer look into self-defence stabbings inside Israeli prisons

Another stabbing attemp in Section 22 at the Israeli Negev Prison after a violent repression campaign against the Palestinian prisoners by the Israeli forces.

One might think, when knowing of a stabbing attack inside the prisons, that cold weapons are available for the Palestinian prisoners. But, wait. The Palestinian prisoners don’t even have knives for cutting the fruit.

The beef or chicken meat they buy with their own money are brought to them half-cooked so that it’d be easy for them to cut them. They use lids of tuna or butter cans, or the base of a broken electric heater.

These are the ‘knives’ they’re allowed to keep.

For peeling the vegetables, every room (that is, every 10 prisoners) is provided with a plastic peeler, with a small blade at its end.

Regarding the stabbing attacks inside the prisons, the prisoners usually use a broken table spoon, forged and shaped by the prisoners through the wall and turned into a sharp tool that it 3-4 centimetres long max.

By: Mahmoud Abu Hasan

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