Sudan-Israel “Peace Deal” Highlights Israeli Anti-Black Racism

In the wake of the November 3 US Presidential elections, Sudan’s transitional interim government announced last Friday its decision to…


Back to the future: BLM overcomes Obama and returns to Malcolm X

As the news of Donald Trump and his wife Melania having contracted COVID-19 sends shudders down the spine of American…


Why I’m no longer talking to white people about Palestine

Last December, in a pub, fired up after an election night TV leaders’ debate, I ended up in an argument…


Black Lives Matter UK announces support for Palestinians’ rights angering Israel lobby

London (QNN)- The UK branch of the Black Lives Matter movement has declared its support for Palestine and the rights…

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‘Israel’ trains U.S. police… American minorities and Palestinians suffer

A third night of angry protests has been rocking the United States over the death of George Floyd, who was…

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