Human Rights NGO: Palestinian children get beaten and robbed in Israeli jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners said on Monday that Palestinian minors in the Damon jail are held in very bad conditions and are subjected to several abuses.

After a visit to the Israeli jail, a lawyer for the committee said that the representative of the Palestinian minors in Israeli jails, Muhammad Joulani, in addition to other children prisoners were subjected to several abuses during arrest and interrogation and also during transfer to courts.

Joulani assured that children prisoners are usually sent to courts by prisoner transport vehicles, which are poorly ventilated and have no seats. They normally need three days on the way to courts, during which they stay handcuffed and get beaten and robbed by the Israelis.

Joulani also said that Israeli jailers and members of the Nahshon unit at the Ramleh jail have recently attacked six minors, who tried to get their robbed personal belongings back. The committee has identified five of the six minors; Usama Taha, Noor Ajlouni, Ahmad Khalifeh, Abdel Munem Natsheh, and Odai Derbas.

Noor Ajlouni (16 years old) and Ahmad Khalifeh (16 years old) said they were beaten by Israeli undercover soldiers during their arrest in Shu’fat refugee camp back in September 29.

The soldiers held them down and handcuffed them before brutally beating them using their rifles.

Khalifeh stated that when he arrived the Nabi Yaqoub police center, an Israeli policeman untied his lace and tried to strangle him, which pushed Khalifeh to bite the policeman in self-defense. Seven policemen came after that, held him down and tear-gased him, then left the cell, leaving him suffocating alone.

Ajlouni and Khalifeh were interrogated at the Maskoubiyyeh interrogation center in Jerusalem as well, where they were subjected to 36 days of torture and solitary confinement. Khalifeh has got a deep wound in his head during a torture session.

In the same vein, Abdessalam Abu Laban (16 years old) from Jerusalem, who has been held since last October, said that he has been held at the Maskubiyyeh center for 24 days, during which he was tortured and beaten. Members of Nahshon unit also assaulted him while he was being sent to a court session. They tightened his handcuffs, which caused severe pain. When he complained, they hit his head to the wall several times.

‘Israel’ holds 47 Palestinian children in the Damon jail, most of them are from occupied Jerusalem. It also holds approximately 200 children in its jails.

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