‘Israel’ demolishes three structures in east Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces on Wednesday demolished three residential structures in East Jerusalem under the pretext of being built without permission.

Spokesperson for the Abu Nawwar community, Abu Imad Jahhalin, told QNN that teams of the Israeli “Civil Administration” and Israeli forces stormed the Bedouin communities in the area today and started demolishing residential structures under the pretext of being built without permission.

He added that the Israelis did not use bulldozers, however the workers dismantled the structures and stole the wooden and tin boards, from which the residential structures were built, to prevent the families from rebuilding their houses.

Another demolition took place in the Abu Hindi community, where the Israelis demolished the house of the brothers Musaab and Ahmad Muhammadin, whose weddings were only three weeks ago.

Abu Imad said that the houses that the Bedouin Palestinians usually build in that area are usually less that 70 square meters and built of wooden and tin boards.

Abu Nawwar community is one of 46 Bedouin communities in the West Bank that are threatened to be forcibly dismantled and emptied due to Israeli settlement plans.

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