Child prisoner speaks out about arrest and torture in Israeli jails

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- 17-year-old Muhammad Shalash exposed further details about being arrested and tortured along with his friend Odai Shalash (17 years old) and about the murder of their friend Badawi Shalash (18 years old).

Following a visit to Etzion jail, a lawyer for the Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners said that Muhammad rushed to ask her about his friend Badawi, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on December 1 in Beit Awwa before arresting Muhammad and Odai. Only at that moment, Muhammad knew about his friend.

Muhammad stated that Israeli soldiers shot at his friend Badawi then started beating up him and his friend Odai before taking them to a military site.

Muhammad added that he and Odai were subjected to an 8-hour-long interrogation session in freezing weather without being allowed to eat or drink anything. After that, they were taken to Etzion jail and put in solitary confinement. The next day, Odai was taken to Ofer jail.

The committee stated that all minors in Israeli jails are subjected to physical and/or psychological torture.

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