Video | A Palestinian from Jerusalem forced to demolish his own home

Jerusalem (QNN) – A Palestinian citizen of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras el-Amoud was forced today to demolish his own home after he was informed by the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem that unless he demolishes it himself, the municipality would demolish it and force him to pay a large amount in fees.

The homeowner, Husam Abbasi, said he was informed by the municipality one month ago that his home is going to be demolished within 14 days because he did not obtain a building permit. He was given a choice of either doing it himself or the municipality staff would demolish it and he has to pay over $20,000 in fees.

He said he built his 65-square meter home a year ago on the top of his family’s two-story building to accommodate his family that includes his wife and baby child.

Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem say they are forced to build without permit because the Israeli municipality rarely issues permits for the city’s Palestinian residents as a way to reduce their number in the city by forcing them to leave it and find accommodation elsewhere.

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