Video| Alaa Hilu: Palestinian artist who recycles hate

Bethlehem (QNN)- In his small packed workshop, Alaa Hilu sits on a small chair, busy trying to change reality and recycle hate.

“Maybe one of the tourists would take a gift from my workshop and give it to an Israeli saying: look to what the Palestinians do to your grenades!”, said Hilu, the Palestinian artist from Beit Sahour, Bethlehem.

Hilu opened his workshop in 2014, however he started his work one year before. “I try to turn trash into products, which are able to be used at people’s houses. So, I turn it to lights, furniture, or accessories”, he said.

Hilu said that a tear gas grenade is thrown at you by someone, who hates you. It is also made to hurt people. In spite of that, you can make it useful, “I’m trying to change reality”, he said.

“People would come to my workshop and see tear gas grenades turning to accessories. They would say: how beautiful!”, Hilu said. “Making something useful out of Israeli trash means that the story carries another meaning. It delivers another message, which changes the view on a tear gas grenade”, he added.

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