In Pictures And Video| Yousef’s Father Clings To His Child’s Lifeless Body

Gaza (QNN)- Hundreds of Palestinians walked in the funeral of 15-year-old Yousef Al Dayeh on Saturday, who was murdered with an Israeli bullet in his chest while he was participating in the Great Return March in Gaza on Friday.

The ministry of Health in Gaza announced the death of Yousef before announcing that the medical teams succeeded to keep his heart alive, however few moments after that they announced his death again.

The reaction of Yousef’s family was heart-touching. His father made sure to stay close to his child’s cold body throughout the funeral, so he was seen clinging to his son’s body while it was being carried away from their house.

“While he was leaving he said: please mom, if I die don’t cry. It hurts me to see your tears. I said: don’t say that my lovely boy.” Yousef’s mother said to QNN Arabic.

Israel has killed 267 Palestinians, 40 of which are children and 2 are women, in Gaza since the beginning of the Great Return March. The Israeli authorities also have been holding 11 bodies of Palestinian martyrs, who were murdered during the weekly protests.

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