Fact-check: Israeli media promoted 3 false news on Jerusalem operation

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Following the Jerusalem resistance operation last Sunday, Israeli media promoted three false news, according to Tayaqqun fact-check service.

According to Taqayyun, a fact-checking service working on fighting fake and false news, ‘Hadri Haredim’ website reported that Abu Shkeidem was disguised in clothes of religious Haredim (Jewish Orthodox people characterized by their strict adherence to the Jewish law), and armor when he executed the operation.

Tayaqqun said that after reviewing video footage showing Abu Shkeidem from close range, it turned out that what Hadri Haredim published was false, as the fighter was wearing his everyday clothes, which was a black dishdasha.

Fadi Abu Shkeidem during the execution of Jerusalem resistance operation, in which one Israeli soldier was killed while three others were wounded.

Also, Ynet reported that there was a second executor with Abu Shkeidem ad that Israeli soldiers were chasing him. However, after the news cycle ended it turned out that there was only one resistance fighter.

In the same context, Israeli Kan news reported that Abu Shkeidem’s wife had already known about the operation and that she traveled to Jordan to be safe. However, Abu Shkeidem’s family stated that she did not know about it and that she went to Jordan to visit her sick mother.

The return of the wife to Palestine only one day after the operation and being arrested also proves that what Kan news reported was false, according to Tayaqqun.

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