Israeli journalists fake French IDs to interview Iraq’s FM

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli journalists faked French IDs in order to interview Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, Russia Today cited Iraqi sources.

According to RT, an interview with the Iraqi FM, broadcasted by Israel’s i24 channel, was not made for the channel, rather with another French media outlet, whose journalists asked for the interview.

It added that the journalists, who applied for the interview with Hussein, said they were from France 24 channel but it turned out that they work for an Israeli outlet.

The source stressed that Iraq’s rejecting position towards normalization is firm and clear. It added that the Iraqi Foreign Minister would have rejected the interview if he had known that it was for an Israeli channel.

During the interview, Hussein said Iraq is not planning to have any future relations with the occupation state.

“I don’t think Iraq would be part of any normalization agreements”, Hussein said. “we have so many reasons for that and it would take a lot of time to tell them. However, Iraq will not be part of such agreements for social reasons, as well as, reasons related to the Palestinian cause.”

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