A colonizer who arrived in Palestine from SA.. ‘Israel’ reveals identity of killed soldier in Jerusalem operation

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities revealed that the soldier, who was killed in Jerusalem’s resistance operation today, has been identified as Eliyahu David Kay, an Afrikaner, who has recently come from South Africa to Palestine as a colonizer.

Kay (26 years old), who has arrived in Palestine as a colonizer, served in the Israeli occupation army in 2018 and lived in the settlement of Modi’in, an illegal West Bank settlement near Ramallah.

He studied in Kiryat Gat, a colony that was created in 1948 on the ruins of the villages of Iraq Al Manshiyyeh and Al Faloujeh.

After serving in the Israeli army, Key worked as a tour guide for a settlement organization, supervising and organizing tours in tunnels dug by the Israeli authorities under Al Aqsa mosque.

The resistance fighter, Fadi Abu Shkheidem, had carried out an operation targeting Israeli soldiers in the old city in occupied Jerusalem earlier this morning amidst tension that has been prevailing across Palestine due to Israeli violations. Key was killed while four other soldiers were wounded. Israeli forces immediately executed Abu Shkheidem in the field.

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