Prisoners increase level of preparedness in response to Israeli ongoing violations

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The prisoners’ movement has increased the level of preparedness in response to the Israeli ongoing violations and in preparation for any urgencies that would follow the failure of the talks with the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), according to the Information Bureau of Palestinian Detainees.

The bureau said that the talks between detainees and the IPS in the prisons of Ramona and Hadarim have failed.

It also added that it will never “leave the hunger-striking detainees of the Islamic Jihad movement alone”, adding that they call on the IPS to transfer them to other sections, in which hunger-striking detainees from all factions are held.

Detainees had said yesterday in a letter that more detainees will join the hunger strike in support of the detainees of the Islamic Jihad if the IPS rejects their demands and doesn’t restore the conditions as they existed prior to the Gilboa Prison Break.

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