Abu Nab narrates how Israeli settlers lynched him leaving him almost paralyzed

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Muhammad Abu Nab from occupied Jerusalem narrated more details on how Israeli settlers lynched and stabbed him on Friday, leaving him almost paralyzed.

Abu Nab said that he was at his work in Deir Yassin in occupied Jerusalem when a group of Israeli settlers attacked him because he is Palestinian.

“A group of settlers attacked me. They stopped my work vehicle and tried to open the window then they started punching me in the face”, Abu Nab said.

“After opening the window, they got into the vehicle. Six of them grabbed me from my neck and stabbed my back with knives.”

Abu Nab said that he did not know that they were stabbing him at the start. He only felt the pain.

“I bled a lot then I fell on the ground. I couldn’t go to a hospital because the settlers accused me of attacking them. But later on, I went to a hospital and it turned out that the stab wounds were accompanied by bruises.”

“After I left the hospital, the Israeli police summoned me for interrogation over settlers’ claims that I attacked them. The police issued a 15-day-long expulsion order against me.”

Doctors told Abu Nab that the stabbings on his back were about to cause either paralysis or liver damage.

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