In his 1st contact with world after being rearrested… Leader of Gilboa prison break says they were arrested coincidentally

"I was wearing the socks of my niece the whole time", Mahmoud told his lawyer.

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- In his first contact with the world since he was rearrested last Friday, Mahmoud Al Aridah provided more details about Gilboa prison break, which he planned and led and in which he as well as five other prisoners freed themselves from Israel’s most secured prison.

In the first visit by layer Raslan Mahajneh to Aridah, the latter said that all six freed prisoners gathered in a mosque after freeing themselves before they separated. They tried not to enter villages populated by native Palestinians in the 1948-occupied territories in order to protect locals from any Israeli punitive measures, according to Mahajneh.

“I was wearing the socks of my niece the whole time I was out from prison”, Mahajneh cited Aridah.

The leader of the legendary prison break also told his lawyer that they were caught by coincidence when an Israeli patrol passed in the area.

He added that ever since he was rearrested, he has been being interrogated for 7-8 hours on a daily basis. Israeli interrogators use different forms of torture.

Aridah also said that he and Ya’qub Qadiri had a small radio, through which they were listening to news and he knew that the morale of the Palestinian people was high.

Addressing his mother, Aridah said: “I would like to tell her that my health is fine and my morale is great and I want to say high to my sister in Gaza.”

Aridah added that when he heard chants by protesters showing solidarity while he was being taken to an Israeli court in occupied Nazareth, he was very happy and the chants cheered him up.

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