Dug with dishes and many prisoners knew about it… Further details revealed about Gilboa tunnel

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli investigations into Gilboa prison break have revealed further shocking details, including that the tunnel was dug with dishes and frying pans and that all prisoners knew about the digging operation, reported Haaretz.

The Israeli newspaper said that prisoners have sharpened dishes and connected them to grips of frying pans to turn them into shovels.

It added that the prisoners were throwing sands in the sewer and trashes.

It also reported that another prisoner was supposed to free himself instead of Ayham Kamamji, however, only a few hours before the operation, he decided to switch places with Kamamji, as he has less time to serve in jail, unlike Kamamji, who is serving two life sentences.

Haaretz added that digging the tunnel started in the period between November and December 2020. Many prisoners knew about the tunnel and the planned operation, however, Israelis remained unaware of anything.

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