Israeli PM visits Egypt in first official trip in a decade

Cairo (QNN)- Israeli occupation Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will meet Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi on Monday for talks expected to cover Israeli-Palestinian relations and bilateral issues, Egypt’s presidency said, in the first official trip by an Israeli prime minister to Egypt in a decade.

Bennett, who took office in June, was invited to a visit by al-Sissi in August and the two are due to meet in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the last Israeli prime minister to make an official visit to Egypt, in 2011, when the late Hosni Mubarak was in power there.

Israeli media reports, however, said Netanyahu secretly met Sisi in Egypt in 2018.

In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab country to normalize ties with the occupation satat.

However, even the relations have been cool over the years, Egypt has played a key role in mediating ceasefires between the occuapation state and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip

According to the statement from Egypt’s presidency, the two will discuss “international development and ways to revive the peace process” between the occupation state and the Palestinians.

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