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Israeli blood diamond industry sharply grows in 2021

Yannis Kontos/Polaris

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli blood diamond industry continued to sharply grow during the first two quarters of the year, Israeli media cited the Israeli minister of economy and industry.

Net imports of rough diamonds to the occupation state rose by 165 percent from 2020 to about $1.39 billion, while exports rose 177% to $1.16b. Net polished diamond imports rose 136% to $1.88b., while net polished diamond exports rose 71% to $2.37b.

During August, Israeli exports of rough diamond to the United Arab Emirates totaled about $11.5 million, representing about 9.5% of Israeli total rough diamond exports in August. Some $17m. worth of rough diamonds were imported from the UAE about 7% of the total rough diamonds imported to the occupation state in August.

The occupation state imports rough diamonds from various African countries in addition to Russia and Canada. Most of its imports come from African countries where the diamond industry is based on violence, conflicts, and inhumane conditions.

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