Fact-check service says Israeli narrative on rearrested Gilboa breakers is false

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A local fact-check service revealed that the Israeli narrative on the recent re-arrest of four out of six Gilboa prison breakers was false.

“Tayaqqun” said that Israeli media circulated a picture of a young man, who has been identified as a Palestinian man who reported on two of the freed prisoners. However, it turned out that the young man, Imad Iddin Jabbarin from Umm Al Fahem, was arrested by Israeli forces while he was taking part in a protest in solidarity with prisoners.

It added that in another report, a picture of an Israeli officer was published with an Arabic name, claiming that the officer is a Palestinian man from Druz who also serves as a policeman. However, the mentioned name does not match with the name on the officer’s uniform.

Tayaqqun also said that Israeli media reported that a Palestinian family from occupied Nazareth informed on two prisoners when they asked the family for food and that they were in a very bad condition due to the lack of food and shelter. However, the Israeli narrative is baseless and contradicted, as pictures and video footage of the prisoners during their arrest show them in clean clothes and in very good condition.

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